"Salvation for the Soul" a book by Ruth Burton

Salvation for the Soul, written by my mother, Ruth Burton.  This dynamic book was written as the Lord spoke the Scripture through her as a confession when her world was falling apart.  You will be inspired by her testimony and see what the Lord's revelation did in her life.  I have been sharing these confessions in my many years of counseling with the people that struggle with being overwhelmed by issues in life.  As you declare the confessions in this book, faith will arise in your heart as you too will lay hold upon God's Promises.  Peace will flood your heart.  Demons have to bow their knees.  God is put in remembrance of what He has promised.  Amen!



I suppose I buy Christmas gifts all year as I find those special items that I believe will bless certain individuals. Our single moms work very diligently to just make ends meet for themselves and their precious little ones. Purchasing Christmas gifts is very difficult and sometimes impossible. I remember the first Christmas that my mother was placed in that situation. She got us a Barbie doll. She was able to do that because my grandparents helped her.


Will you help our single moms to purchase those special Christmas gifts as soon as possible?


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Thank you and God bless you!


~Charlotte Fawver



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