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Dad, I Need You

Bill walked into the counseling room with his 12-year-old son, Jason (I have used different names to protect people’s privacy.) Jason had been expelled from school for inappropriate behavior. Bill was very concerned about Jason. Jason destroyed things and rebelled in many areas. He was apparently jealous of his nine-year-old sister, Jan. “Dad, why do you discipline me for things, but don’t Lizzie?” Jason asked.

I listened carefully to Bill and Jason. I considered, “Does Jason have some medical issues? Is he acting out because of some secret sexual abuse? I began our journey, searching for the reasons of Jason’s negative behavior. All at once, I sensed a leading of the Lord to ask, “Bill, how much time do you spend with Jason?” “Well,” he replied, “I work two jobs. I use to take Jason to play ball with a team, but he wanted to quit. He said that he was tired.” I looked at Jason and asked, “Tired? You’re too tired to play ball?” He seriously said, “I eat too much, and it makes me tired.” I asked Jason if he was a good ball player, and he said, “I was okay.” I explained the importance of exercise and if he didn’t want to play ball that he should search for another sport or activity that he could enjoy.

Bill told me that the family would go and watch Jan practice and play ball. I turned to Jason. “Jason, would you like for your dad to do something fun with you?” He quickly turned his big brown eyes toward his dad and said, “Yes, I really would.” I looked into Bill’s tear-filled eyes and said, “Dad, your son is starving for your attention. The only way that he has been able to get it, is to act out. He has considered your disciplinary actions as a way to get you to notice him, even if only for a few moments. Dad, I believe that you owe your son an apology.”

Bill, with tears now flowing, turned to Jason and said, “Son, please forgive me for not spending more “fun” time with you. I’m sorry.” Jason smiled.

I asked Jason if any of the boys at school made fun of him. He paused and then said, “Yes.” I told him that I knew what that felt like. I told him that I learned that people who are cruel have the problem. People who are cruel to others are miserable inside and attempt to hurt others. We talked about the importance of forgiving, praying for them, and learning who we are in Christ.

I asked Jason if he had received Jesus into his heart as her personal savior. He said, “No.” I received permission from Bill to show Jason the scriptures found in Romans 10. Jason and I read verses eight through twelve, while I explained each verse. When we got to verse 13, I asked Jason to read. He read each word loud and clear. “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” I asked him if he wanted to call upon Jesus to be his Lord. He quickly said, “Yes.” I lead Jason in a prayer, and he was gloriously born-again. He was so excited. He turned to his dad and said, “Jesus is my Lord.” His dad smiled with great joy.

I told Jason that Jesus had forgiven him of all his sin, but now it would be good to ask his dad to forgive him of the pain that he had caused him and his mom. Jason looked at his dad and said, “Dad, forgive me for all the ‘bad things’ that I have done.” They held each other with a long embrace. To God Be All Of The Glory. Amen!




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