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A 2013 Outpouring (Part II)

The Lord showed Moses the Promised Land, but he was not allowed to enter in. The Children of Israel became thirsty again in Numbers. This time, God tells Moses to take his rod and only speak to the rock. Instead, he strikes the rock twice. He had struck it once before (Ex. 17:6), which was symbolic of Jesus being struck. There was no need to strike the Rock (Jesus) again. Jesus was crucified once. Moses did not believe God to sanctify Him before Israel (Num. 20:12); therefore, he was not allowed to enter into the Promised Land.

I believe that it is interesting to know that we, too, are to speak to the Rock. He has been crucified for our sins and all that we need to be satisfied is in Him. Life flows from Him that we may freely drink. We are instructed to “ask” Him, believe that we receive, “thank” (worship and praise) Him, and put Him in remembrance of His Word. He abundantly provides when we operate in faith, believing. Amen!

Joshua was appointed to lead the children of Israel into this land that “flowed with milk and honey” (Ex. 3:8). They came to the River Jordan. How would 500,000 plus people, their animals, and belongings get over to the other side? Making matters worse, the river had flooded its banks! (Josh. 3:15) It was time for them to move from death (the flood waters) to life (the Promised Land). Naturally speaking, it was impossible for them to move from death to life. It’s impossible, in our own strength, for us to move from spiritual death to life; the new birth. What happened here? The Ark had blood sprinkled on its mercy seat. This is a picture of Jesus entering into death for us. We see in Matthew 3 that many years later, Jesus was baptized in the river Jordan; symbolizing His death. Jesus was lifted from the water and the Spirit of God came upon Him. Jesus was raised from death to life. This would actually happen when Jesus was crucified into death but raised to life the third day.

God commanded Joshua to instruct the priests to carry the ark toward the river until their feet had “dipped” into its brim. “Dipped” is the same word that we see for “baptism” in Scripture. This is the same as Christ’s baptism. When Jesus was baptized, it was unto death, and the power of death rolled back for all man; men of the past, to the present, and to the future. Interestingly, when the priests’ feet were dipped (baptized) into the Jordan as they upheld the Ark (symbolizing Jesus), the Jordan flowed backwards to the city of Adam (v. 16). Coincidence? I don’t think so! Eternal death was defeated all the way back to Adam. Hallelujah!

The waters were pushed back in Joshua 3. The Children of Israel crossed over to their Promised Land; but every single one of them passed by the blood that was upon the ark. We also have the opportunity to pass from death unto life. This is only made possible by the way of the cross. The only way to live is to die with Jesus (identifying with Him by receiving His finished work for ourselves). If there is no cross, the death of the old man; there is no resurrection, the birth of the new man (2 Cor. 5:17). (cont.)




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