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Lifted Up on the Wings of the Wind

March was a month that was always a special time for me as a young girl. I always knew that Mother would take my sister and me to the department store to choose a special kite. We made sure that we bought two rolls of string, and Mother pulled out the old cloths for making the perfect tails. Now, everything is ready, but where is the wind? We needed those March winds to lift our kites to the sky. Before long, the winds would come and down to the open field we would run, ready for the adventure of flying our kites. We ran with kite in hand and soon, see the kite lifted towards the heavens with majestic flight. I often wished that I, too, could sail on the wings of the wind, as my kite did so beautifully.

The Bible has quite a bit to say about winds, but let me share a story with you first. I had retired for the night and been asleep for a couple of hours. Back in those days, I especially savored every moment of rest. I was busy caring for a family of six; sometimes making baby bottles, helping with homework, trips to game practices, ballet and tap lessons, doing laundry, cooking meals, and the list goes on. What was this? Robert was gently shaking me and whispering, “Charlotte, wake up. The Lord is going to fill us with the Holy Spirit.” I responded back, “Robert, I have been asking for many months, and it has not happened.” I turned over hoping that I could return to that deep, restful sleep. He didn’t give up. “Charlotte, I know you have,but tonight is the night.”

I found myself rubbing my eyes, rolling out of the bed, and feeling a bit flustered. I followed Robert to the downstairs where our den was and watched him open the Bible to where his thumb was holding a particular place. He bowed at our ottoman and I, too, knelt at his side. He read out loud Luke 11:11-13. Jesus said in verse 13, “If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him?” I had declared that verse hundreds of times before. I had asked the Lord to fill me over and over. Robert began to pray to the Father. He put Him in remembrance of His Promise that if we would ask, He would fill us with the Holy Spirit. My spirit man was quickly stirred by the reading of God’s Word. All at once, something began to happen. It was the “this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel” (Acts 2:16). No, not the Day of Pentecost

but a receiving the Holy Spirit that was already poured out on Pentecost. I knew a wind had blown into our den. What was this? It was the Holy Ghost, and He came upon me filling me to the overflow with Himself. I began speaking in a most beautiful prayer language and trembled in the Presence of our Holy God. I literally trembled for three days.

I could hardly speak English, but through trembling lips (Is. 28:11), I said to Robert, “It is your time.” He read the Scriptures again in Luke 11, and the wind of God lifted Robert’s physical body supernaturally in such a way that would have been impossible, naturally speaking. He was speaking in other tongues, too. I laughed with the joy of the Lord while I trembled and spake in tongues, too. We embraced and the love of God flooded me for Robert like love that I had never known. This was God’s love. It was God.

We had prepared to fly a kite when I was young, getting everything together, but it was only God that “bringeth the wind out of his treasuries” (Ps. 135:7). Robert and I were prepared for the infilling of the Holy Spirit. We had equipped ourselves with the Promise of God, we were washed in the blood of Jesus by believing him to cleanse us, and we asked him for the infilling. …But He alone brought the Wind, His Holy Spirit. I had seen the kite lifted by the wind to the heavens. This time, “there was a lifting up” for us as the Wind raised us to a new level of glory. Amen!




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