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Looking for Comfort

I was recently not well, and I kept having the same vision all of the time. It was rather tormenting. I would dream the vision and see it when I would close my eyes. In my dream/vision, I had a sleeping bag that I wanted to get into to be warm and comfortable. I looked into my bag and there was a huge snake coiled up. He was dark and had a huge hump at the back of his neck. I got a board and pressed against his head trying to get him to scoot over. I could feel his resistance and I pressed more intently against him. I would move him over a bit and then try to crawl down in the bag with him. As foolish as the dream seems, I was still ready to lie down with this serpent. Why did I not get him out? Why would I jeopardize my life to this poisonous reptile?

I began to seek the Lord about the vision, and I believe that He spoke to me so clearly. We all desire to be warm and comfortable in life; whether it is with our health, our emotional being, our finances, peaceful relationships, etc. If we are struggling in these areas, we have strong desire for these areas of our lives to be fixed. There is nothing wrong with the desire for things to be right in our lives, but more and more people are looking in the wrong places for their peace and comfort; something to bring them an immediate joy even though it only fades into deeper caverns of darkness.

Many people are crawling into places where demons are waiting with their plan to strike with the intent to “steal, kill, and/or destroy” (John 10:10). Of course, no one would intentionally crawl down into a sleeping bag with a poisonous snake, but even Christian people are deceived to scoot down into a place with the devil himself. They are deceived to believe that they will somehow find what they are looking for. Look at how many people that are depressed or filled with anxiety. Rather than speaking to the spirit of heaviness and demanding it to go, in Jesus’ name; we crawl down into our so-called place of comfort with the evil spirit and suppress the negative emotions with meds, perverted sex, drugs, video games/movies, alcohol, work, loud music, making constant purchases, etc. After moments of a counterfeit comfort, these individuals need another fix for another fading peace.

Look at the bondage of fear that attempts to plague all of us. The spirit of darkness roars at the believer with the intent to ensnare us to believe him. He is a liar but we allow him to keep declaring his thoughts to torment and bind us with paralyzed fear. 1 Peter 5:8, “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: Whom resist stedfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world.” Child of God, you must continue in Jesus by reading the Word, staying in fellowship with Him in prayer, and obey His leading. If we do not, we are vulnerable to the enemy in drawing us to find his false comfort which may end in destruction, early death, or possible eternal damnation. The serpent is speaking the “what ifs”, he desires us to mediate his words. As we believe him, rather than resist him (James 4:7) in Jesus’ name, he is allowed to move in against us with his desire to “steal, kill, and destroy”.

We saw the fact that the devil does come to “steal, kill, and destroy” in John 10:10. We continue to read in this same verse that Jesus said, “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” Why are we seeking comfort and peace in the wrong places? Are we tempted for a quick fix? The serpent is waiting to oblige, but please know, his desire is to little by little pull one into his web of a slow death. We read in Daniel 7: 25 that the serpent desires to “wear out the saints of the Most High…” “Wear out” means to eat away at little by little; thoughts of torment over and over.

It is time that we demanded the devil to lose his hold on us and others in Jesus’ name. Demand him to take his depression, anxiety, all addictions, infirmity, attacks, and go to the dry places and seek rest and not return, in Jesus’ name (Mt.12:43; Lk. 11:24). Jesus is a true Comforter that will be our peace, comfort, and refuge. After removing the serpent from your place of rest, welcome the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, into your life. Speak forth the Promises of God that will cause faith to arise in your heart (Rom. 10:17), put God in remembrance of His Word (Is. 43:26), and cause the enemy to run (Eph. 6:17 & James 4:7). Amen!




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